How do you think the public eye will react if a show for kids is talking about immigration? ?

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Animation is going through a big change right now. One of them is kids cartoon showing LGBTQ+ characters/scenes. Such as in “Steven Universe” in the episode named “Reunited” that marked the very first same sex kiss on tv and made fans scream and cry of happiness. The last season of “Adventure Time” and “She-Ra: The Princess of Power” that left fans shock and excited. Racism has also been thought to kids through cartoons like in the episode “I Have A Dream” in “The Proud Family”. These actions have made mostly everyone happy, the companies and creators of these shows have taken a big risk to show this to the young audience. Thanks to this I have notice kids are more open minded and more accepting than some adults, this has also help to start a conversation with kids about the real world problems. 

Now, let’s say the young audience is introduced to a new character in one of the shows they watch daily. The characters are given hints or direct knowledge to the young audience about the character being an immigrant. They let the audience know about some struggles immigrants go through, such as not being able to apply at certain things due to their status. Not mattering if the status of the character might or might not be the main topic: How do you thing the young and older audience will react? Would this have more negative or positive reactions? Would this help the kids be more understanding? 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    political and social propaganda should never, and i mean NEVER be introduced or shown to children of any age, be it from the left or from the right.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I think it’ll be a 50/50 reaction, but definitely the older people wouldn’t like it. Acts like these will get hate no matter what, I just hope is more positive than negative. It also depends how is represented and the character development. It’ll be better to also show stuffs like DACA and related and not just their struggles. 

    I have also notice how the younger generation is more accepting so all the support and positive things will definitely come from them. It is something risky to do since decisions like these can end a show, but I think is worth it, like you said in the episode of proud family about racism, thanks to that episode my cousin was aware of racism when she thought it had ended. So this will help the kids to understand more about the world, start a conversation about it, and hopefully a nice conversation with their guardian. Though I recommend for this to be shown to kids that are older than 9 years old since they ask everyone questions and aren’t just satisfy with one answer

  • 1 month ago

    this is something that a lot of kids are aware of, I never understand why adults try to hide things from kids like they’re stupid, kids are more intelligent than adults give them credit.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're making a mistake that is prevalent in mainstream news, and that's by conflating illegal immigration and legal immigration. You'd be hard-pressed to find anybody against someone wanting to make a better life for themselves, but there is less sympathy for those essentially cutting in line in front of others going through the proper channels. If children are involved, and concerning a show as you suggest, be sure to include mention of DACA since the U.S. is more sympathetic than any other country in that context.

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  • 1 month ago

    I think they’ll react well to it why wouldn’t they. A few years al my dad was watching some sitcom that had an ongoing plot about a girl trying to get married to get a green card and he really liked the show, so already I know one adult who would react positively. If the show was well written and the characters were a little developed instead of just existing to show citizenship issues then I don’t understand why anyone would be against it. I could even see Sesame Street doing an episode on it if they haven’t already. 

  • 1 month ago

    Thank goodness I'm not a parent, because this would be the WORST time to be a parent.

    Okay, just so you know where I am coming from, I definitely am not racist, I'm pro-immigration and I'm pro gay marriage, oppose oppression of alternative lifestyles (though I also oppose things like a trans person participating in women's sports, or doing trans surgery on minors and some other things that the trans community thinks is their right).  I believe we need more immigration not less, and I'm in favor of an earned amnesty program for illegals (depending on the details).

    HOWEVER, I am deeply angry with Hollywood for their consistent two-faced arrogance where they think they have any business indoctrinating children on these or any other touchy issues.  Hollywood is one of the most racist industries on Earth, and has been since it's inception.  It's incredibly sexist.  And tokens make it worse not better.  These people are the epitome of the 'glass houses' expression.

    And when they handle these issues, they typically handle them BADLY.  These are issues that Hollywood (and schools for that matter) have no business wading into.  They're doing it because they're afraid of the backlash.  They want to virtue signal.  

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