how to do double bass on drum?

i wanna be a crazy double bass drummer at 200 bpm but i can’t really keep it up at 150 bpm 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    "Heel and toe" technique.

    First half, hit it normally, moving your leg down & release by lifting your toes / twisting your foot upward without lifting your leg.

    Second half, bounce your leg back up by twisting your foot forward, pressing down with your toes to hit and then lift clear of the pedal.

    And a double pedal set for maximum speed & versatility, of course - though you don't actually need double for 200bpm.

    [ps. The world record with double pedal heel-and-toe is 1600 beats in one minute, if I remember correctly...]

    I'd highly recommend a Pearl eliminator chain drive set, they have swappable chain cams that allow you to adjust the pedal to beater throughout the pedal stroke.


    Or look on ebay for the original Pearl 2002C kit.

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