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How will people be dealing with both COVID-19 and seasonal influenza this Fall?

As you may well know winter and the Fall are the hot spot seasons for catching both colds and flu every year. Because we’re all churned up inside and we’re in close quarters and that makes it easier for germs and viruses to spread. So how are people going to be dealing with COVID-19 plus the seasonal flu this winter?

Winter and Fall are the hot spots for both colds and flu every year because everyone is all churned up inside. And I’m wanting to know of how people are going to deal with COVID-19 going on plus the seasonal flu this winter?

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    With lots of federal funds and major stay at home orders

  • No one really knows yet. Hopefully some people will get the flu shot so at least they won't get the flu. Also hopefully people will gain some common sense from covid 19 and not be in 'close quarters' with other people that are sick. But people that are sick, should be at home. I hope covid 19 will go away in my area by then. Physical distancing and wearing masks may still be around. 

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    Thats what we're waiting to find out. In Australia we are approaching the start of the traditional flu season, at present I hardly hear anybody coughing or sneezing, usually by the end of July thru to September the coughs and sneezes and nose blowing suddenly go from 2% of the population to 50% or higher.

    That will not be fun sitting on a crowded train or bus or elevator and the guy/gal in front of you and behind you and next to you is blowing chunks of spittle and honking into a tissue. Some office workers have already been set up to work from home but there are still almost as many people out and about as there was this time last year. Some places are already going back in to lockdown. I have seen some cafes and pubs opening back up just this week and they may have to close again shortly, people will be really hurting from losing their jobs and having no money, thats gonna cause a thousand times as many problems as the virus. Even if you dont get sick your investments and retirement savings may be worth only a fraction of what they used to be.

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