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Is my 5 week old puppy blind? PLEASE HELP!?

Hi, I have a 5 week old pitsky puppy (turned 5 weeks today). He does not blink when I put my hand close to his face quickly and he often bumps into walls and whenever I wave a tshirt in front of him or roll a soccer ball his eyes don’t look at the shirt or ball. Please help I want to know if he is actually blind or still developing.

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    You have been royally screwed by a BYBer.  You have been screwed & scammed by a BYBer.  You should not have a 5 week old puppy.  It is against the law to release puppies any younger than 8 (EIGHT) weeks old.  That pup is still nursing off mama.  You got royally screwed.  Return the pup to the breeder & DEMAND your money back.  If they refuse to refund the money & take the pup, You can take them to court.

    A sickly too young pup is not going to live very long if not taken proper care of.  So you need special instructions from your Vet as to how to care for this pup.  Take pup in to see a VET as soon as possible ASAP.  Pup could die & you don't know why.  see a Vet.

    I would sue the breeder if they do not take back the puppy.  They sold you a faulty pup & that is illegal.  If you keep this pup you many spend a fortune on Vet bills throughout the dogs life time.

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    Highly likely. But why on earth do you have a five week old pup to begin with.

    Return it to its mother and siblings which it badly needs,cos that's where it should rightfully be.

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    Puppies start off NEARSIGHTED when young but are not ever BLIND - once the eyes open.  

    You have NO BUSINESS with any puppy that is ONLY 5 weeks old - it is ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE.... in the US, CAN, Europe, etc. for anyone to have sold or transferred a puppy, this young out of the breeder's home and is also ILLEGAL for any shelter to do such!  So, you are dealing with somebody shady and UNETHICAL.  Get the puppy in to see a vet, ASAP and see if where you live there are any PUPPY LEMON LAWS that might protect you, financially.

  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    What is the reason you have a 5 WEEK old Pup?

    He should still be with his mother for another 3 weeks. 

    Whatever the circumstances that you have him, you should consult a vet if you think he is blind. WE cannot SEE the pup. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like he is blind.  Poor doggy.  Have a vet diagnose him to be sure.

  • Angel
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    1 month ago

    Give the vet a call and see when you can bring the pup in for an eye exam, the vet can tell with special equipment weather the pups totally blind or just poor vision.

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