already made comments like that ?

it is true that the guy who killed her parents was killed by kira, and she has made some statements that make her appear to be a kira supporter...but if she really is the second kira , it would only be natural for her not to make any comments like that.

the sentence uses "would", it is an imaginary situation that she shouldn't have made comments like that, ??????

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    I don't think so.

    "shouldn't have" means that kira did make the comments, but it was an error to do so.

    The context of the passage seems to say it was her nature NOT to make such comments.   Like she is a person of few words: stoic.

    So the info after the "....but" expressly contadicts the assertion that "she" made such comments.

    Over all the passage is kinda confusing, insofar as the usage of kira, she and second kira.

    So we understand that kira killed the guy that killed her parents (up to first comma).   Then "she" implies that the kira who killed the guy made statements appearing to make her a kira supporter  (it is really odd to assume she would make statements in support of herself, no?)

    So we might assume "she" refers to a second person, who did not take revenge on the parent killer.   That assuption seems to be supported by the info that follows as "she" appears to be a possible second kira and if so, by the nature of a kira, would not make such self supporting statements.

    If this is something you are writing on your own, I would clean it up a bit (unless the before and after context provides enough information for the reader to understand that this particular passage is indeed referring to two different people.

    Hope this helps (?)

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    4 weeks ago

    "... if she really is the second kira, it would only be natural for her not to make any comments like that."

    = "... 若她真的是 the second kira, 很自然地她不會(would not) 給出這樣的評語."

    Here,"would" is used to suggest that what happens is expected, especially of a person's behaviour.  

    ("would"是用來顯示 所發生的事是「預期」的, 特別是指人的表現. )

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    The way you capitalize and punctuate really shows your contempt for the subject. Very well done.

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