Why are only children expected to be like everyone else?

I was raised an only child by a single parent. I did have visitation with my father. My mother worked and I was still around other kids at daycare and school. I had legal blindness and had empathic tendencies. I was teased and hated by some children because my glasses made my eyes look larger. I always felt different and felt other kids picked up on this. As I went into young adulthood, late teens to early 20s, I lived with my mother accept for a little over a year when she and her ex husband were living out of state. It seemed that some of my peers with siblings had a different relationship with their parents. Some of them moved out as soon as they could and felt everyone should no Matter what their status was. I  was a more sensitive child with anxiety who everyone felt needed to toughen up. It also seems like many parents with only children don't get support or understanding from other people. Like anyone else they are expected to cut apron strings easily just like parents with several children.  Along with being less involved in their adult child's lives just like other parents. I'm not saying parents of only children shouldn't be expected to let go and allow their children more independence. But why aren't many outsiders more supportive and understanding of this? By outsiders, I mean peers and family members of both the parents and the only child. Many don't try to understand the Close bonds of the parent and only child either.

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  • martin
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    3 months ago

    Be your own best friend and some day you will have some good luck and feel happy.

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