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Does it sound like my lawyer is doing a poor job representing me or is he just a rude person with no empathy?

He's never been polite or accommodating to me. 

He's working on contingency in order to get 1/3rd of my settlement. 

I've spoken to him 2x on the phone and 2x in person in what's now been a year and a half. Both times he was rude, condescending and demeaning to me. 

I'm 28. I was in a MVA, the other driver who got distracted hit my car head on which has been proven. However the motorist who hit me has tried to blame 3 other drivers, including a ghost car for the accident. Now my lawyer is suing an additional party as well. It's clear I'm not at fault but the motorist is saying someone else hit him, causing him to hit me. He just keeps changing hist story, trying to say that person is partially responsible as well. 

My injuries include post concussive syndrome, herniated disc at c5 c6 with nerve impingement, burning in my left arm and shoulder and tingling in my fingers, neck pain, back pain, vision problems. I was transported to the ER by ambulance from the accident scene. I've had physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, and now will need surgery. I lost funding for school when I had to drop out so I can't afford my bachelors degree any longer. I left my job, I'm depressed and experiencing chronic pain. No pre existing injuries, no degenerative issues, I'm only 28, no previous accidents. 

He's  turned down 3 offers without even asking me. He also said that he isn't going to go to trial and said "you'll accept the offer I approve of or you get nothing, it's your choice"


When I said what if I don't agree with the settlement amount he said "go ahead ask me again and the answer will still be no, my answer is final and isn't changing" "How many cases have you tried? None. This is what I do for a living not you".

I'm afraid to ask him anything. If I fire him I still owe him money for the deposition costs, clerical costs etc, over $1,000 worth of fees. He will make sure to screw me over somehow as well.

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    It sounds to me like you are a  bad fiction writer.

    IF 1/10th of what you claim is proven was actually proven, my dog could have won a settlement in a week. Contingency lawyers have a vested financial interest in a QUICK settlement.

    Note: In real life, if the attorney turned down ANY offers without consulting the client, that is grounds or disbarment.

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    4 weeks ago

    Your lawyer is trying to negotiate the best settlement for you.  Let him do his job.

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    If he is dead set on not going to trial, then he is experienced with the courts in the county where you live and it "would" be a bad idea.  Trust him on that.  It sounds like the adjusters are not taking your case seriously and it will take longer for him to get through to them.  He knows your case is worth much more than their pitiful offers.  Give him time to get what you deserve, or at least more and close to all he thinks he can get out of them.  Sometimes, insurance companies will come around.  Other times, they will just be unreasonable.  Give your lawyer a chance to get more money for you.  I'm really sorry to hear about all that you have suffered. 

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    4 weeks ago

    I have great sympathy for this attorney.  You have posted this over and over and over and totally and completely ignored any and all advice.  I can't imagine how you treat him.  You don't want your attorney to protect you by bringing in another Defendant?  Then send him a registered letter and tell him exactly that.

    Retain another attorney.  The fees will still come out of the settlement, and the attorneys will divide the 33-3/3% according to law in your State.

    If your anxiety was brought on by the accident, tell your attorney to add mental health to your claim.Read the very length response I posted the LAST time you asked this for a very thorough overview of the situation.Nothing has changed since last eek and the week before and the week before that and so on.

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