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Which of these names do you like the best?









Please tell me your honest opinion on the above names, thx!

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    Vayda ~ 4

    LOOKS weirder than it sounds. It doesn't sound weird - I think there's the name "Veda" with a similar pronunciation - but it looks really odd and unflattering to me. I also think this sounds more like a skincare product/brand or the name of a fancy vitamin supplement. "Vayda". Yeah.

    Carrie ~ 7.5

    Dunno why this name tends to get so much hate. I've always liked it and when I was a kid, I always thought this was a pretty name.

    Penny ~ 10

    Honestly gorgeous. I find it so feminine, pretty and classy. There's something very nostalgic, classic, timeless, charismatic and charming about it. I'd definitely go with 'Penelope' though and use 'Penny' as a nickname. That way she has other options to go by when she's older.

    Natasha ~ 9

    Gorgeous. Beautiful. It can sound gentle, soft and elegant - but also fierce, sassy and badass. It's well-rounded, solid, memorable and timeless.

    George ~ 8

    As classic as it gets. Timeless, old-school, simple and charming. I know a few younger boys (between 10-25) with this name and it truly, truly is timeless. I think this name really stands out amongst names like Colton, Braydon, Drayton, Aiden, Carson, Grayson etc. It's delightfully old-fashioned, charming and handsome

    Damien ~ 9

    Another strong, timeless and well-grounded name. Very handsome and suits boy/men of any age. It's the perfect level of popularity and easy to remember.

    Felix ~ 6.5

    It's not a bad name - I have nothing against it, but I would personally never use it. I strongly associate this name with fictional characters and the name of pets (maybe because it sounds like feline?). But I would still consider it a good name.

    Tate ~ 8

    I find this name pretty attractive on a man to be honest. It's so simple and cute to me. I can see it working really well on a young boy and also on an older man.

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    Vayda: I don’t really like the spelling 0/10

    Carrie: it’s a decent name 8/10

    Penny: it’s a nickname . Not one I like at all. It’s usually for Penelope which I dislike 3/10

    Natasha : it’s okay. Most likely. Will go by Tasha  5/10

    George :  it’s unattractive and plain 1/10

    Damien: I like it enough but not one I’d use and not really any nicknames to it. But that’s not really necessary 6/10

    Felix:: Don’t like how it sounds and reminds me of Felix the cat 0/10

    Tate: I like this name a lot. But I’d probably use it as a middle name because it’s so short 10/10

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    Carrie and George.

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    I like Carrie and Tate the best.

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    Natasha for a girl, it's pretty. Would have picked Vayda if spelled Veda. 

    Tate for a boy. It's more modern than my usual style, but it's cute and I'm not keen on the other names. 

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    The ones I like best are Penny and Felix. 

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    Vayda and Damien.

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    I like Natasha and Felix, also, if I'm taking this the right way, congrats!

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