Vineyard Theme Ideas?

I am hosting my first ever murder mystery and the setting is a vineyard. My friends and I aren't fancy people and we've never done a themed party before, but we're really excited about this murder mystery! It's called "Sour Grapes of Wrath".

What props can I decorate with to add to the setting?

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    1 month ago

    Tonnes of props, many available at dollar stores and thrift shops. And when you're done with them, keep what you like and donate them right back.

    Wine glasses, every shape and size.

    Plastic grapes

    Plastic vines, any kind (people won't know the difference)

    Wine-themed serving items, like cutting boards, cheese boards, etc.

    Empty wine bottles (contact bars and restaurants for lots, or cruise the neighbourhood on recycling day)

    Empty wine bottles with fairy lights inside--maybe the room goes dark and that's the only light?

    Tablecloth with a huge and gaudy centerpiece

    This sounds like lots of fun. Have a good time.

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