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Kate asked in Education & ReferenceTeaching · 4 weeks ago

How long would it take for me to teach in TX with a CA credential?

I'm thinking about moving to Texas soon and continue my teaching over there. I currently have a California preliminary credential and wondered what would be the next steps to get a teaching certification in Texas. Traditionally in CA, one would continue 2 more years to clear a credential. Would I need to do that in TX as well? Are the examinations from California equivalent to the teaching exams in Texas? Has any teacher from CA had experience moving to Texas to get reciprocity? I know they are a lot of questions. I want to make a good decision before moving. Thanks in advance for your responses! Hope you all are a staying safe and well xoxo.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Look on the Texas Department of Education to see the requirements for licensure. Some states have reciprocal recognition for licenses from other states, but you're not licensed yet. You would almost certainly have to take some more courses. What subject do you plan to teach? Some states are desperate for math, science, foreign language, ESL and special ed teachers, and have special rules to allow them to start teaching and take some time to get the rest of the credentials. If the requirements include the Praxis test, that that same test in almost every state. You can probably find an email address on the Texas DOE site to communicate with someone. Include a list of the classes you've taken- don't expect them to know what the California preliminary credential includes.

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