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Dog owners... What do you find special about your dog or dogs ?

Just wondering.... 

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  • Amber
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    1 month ago
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    Her resilience. How she suffered a bad life but when her life became good she just enjoyed it. No moping around and self pitying because she had it rough for a while like people tend to do. She lives in the moment.

    No matter how things get tough for her in old age she just soldiers on, adapts and continues. 

    How she was treated badly by humans from the moment she was born and although it affected her, she never let it stop her from trusting and opening her heart to other humans who showed kindness. 

    Her bravery. I was a rather impulsive teen and she got me out of, potentially, life threatening circumstances twice. The first time she attacked and chased someone who ambushed me walking down the back alley to our home. My Mother said she heard a scream, opened the back door too see, and my dog jumped over the gate. She didn't know the scream was mine but my dog did. That alley turned left to our houses or right onto another street. Thanks God she opened the door. That was one of the times anyway.

    Her mad love for her big grey teddy beer that she's had on her bed with her for fourteen years. She uses him as a pillow and likes to snuggle her head under him.

  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    Every one of the GSD dogs I have owned over the last 57 years has had its own different `special` quality. 

    I once had my `Perfect` dog (for me) but he was a one off and I often used to say to, people, that if he was a bloke I`d want to marry him. He just `fit the bill` in everything I wanted in a dog. 

    My present dog is now just coming into full maturity at 30 months old but he has big boots to fill and although he is a great lad and I love him lots, I doubt he will ever be my second `perfect` dog. He`s doing ok though and his `special` trait is his love for searching for hidden objects which gives me and him great pleasure to do when out on our walks. 

    Ps: He also does not complain if I ever want a lay in one morning!!!


  • 1 month ago

    Well, my K9 partner is highly trained and very effective. In addition, he is very protective of my wife and I. Our Dobermans are both champions in conformation. And are wonderful with children. They both volunteer as comfort dogs at our local children's hospital. They are completely devoted to both my with and I. And both take their "job" of protecting the house and property very seriously. We love each and every one of them. And no amount of money would be enough to give them up.

    I'll email you a few pictures of them at the hospital. But in the morning. I just got home and have to transfer files from old computer. 

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    ive never had a dog but wondered if i should get one

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