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What do I do with the devastation I feel that my travel for the summer was cancelled due to COVID-19?

I should just be disappointed but instead I am devastated. I can't shake it off and it has been 3 weeks. What do I do? How do I find other pleasures? It will be the first year I have not gone to Europe since I was 12 in 1997.


It is like I am prohibited from remembering this as a good year because I didn't have Europe. The whole year is built around my 1 month in Europe each summer. I kept holding out home but now it is not going to be able to happen. I cannot shake it off. I feel like a little kid when Santa does not come. 

Update 2:

Pearl? See them, see who? Europe is not a person. You obviously did not read the question. 

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    maybe you can see them anyways and just have everyone wear a mask

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