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Cat raised by me and has human instincts??

So i guess what im asking is.... is this really possible. Im seeing it with my own eyes but cant believe it. So what happened was..... i adopted a rejected kitten. His mother wouldnt feed him or deal with him at all and i adopted him early at about 6 weeks old. He's 50% blind and epileptic but otherwise, fine. He lives a very happy life with me but he is... not smart as far as being a cat goes. He is very poor at self defense tactics and his body language is just simply not of a cat. He is one of those cats who will lay and be held on his back, etc but he hugs too. Like a human. With arms around the receivers neck. Since he was a 6 week old half blind kitten, he has NEVER been afraid of ANYTHING.  And he just thinks more like a person than a cat! Even his facial expressions. It's always been easier to teach him something a humans way and much harder to teach him a cat behavior.  And i swear to god, when i tell him he must do something, HE WILL DO IT. As if he understands me. I say "come on, you HAVE to take your medicine" and then he cooperates and starts eating the treat and is very polite with table manners, careful never to actually hop up on the table but will gently take something off the side of the table if literally given to him. He can't wash himself very well at all so i have to give him baths. When i say "gimme your paw" he loosens his tension and props his paw in my hand. It's crazyyyy! Can this really be? That he has learned to adapt to human life that much??

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    Not surprised actually. Cats are very spiritual beings. They are connected with us. There's a reason why the Egyptians worshipped cats!. They are absolutely amazing and smart and clean and know exactly what they're doing. People underestimate cats. Such fools!.

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    Yes.  Some orphan kittens become very attached to humans.  The fact he's blind tells me he's "imprinted" on you.

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    Six weeks old is the minimum age for a kitten to leave its mother, and be adopted. It sounds like that kitten was younger. That is because of all that human behavior. It's interesting reading what human behavior.  

    There are, and can be, cats that think they are dogs, dogs that think they are cats, even cats that think they are horses, and so on. It depends how the animal is raised. So, yes, it can really be.  

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    I think that is super sweet. I think all animals are like that, the more human love and attention they receive the more they act like us

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    Wonder what God thinks about being brought into this.

    Right, he understands English and has human "reflexes" (whatever those are).

    I'm sure you have very similar facial expressions.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Do you think personal finance is where a cat question should be?

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