English Learner's Question: here they are?

Could you please help me understand the following dialog from Patrick Hamilton's "Angel Street" (Gaslight)?

(Detective Rough and Mrs. Manningham are looking for evidence that Mr. Manningham is a murderer. While they are checking the drawers of his desk, they find Mr. Manningham is coming home very soon.)

ROUGH. [Crossing above the desk to her.] Some rapid thinking at the moment. Don't have any fear, Mrs. Manningham, I've been in many a tighter corner than this. Let's get those things back to begin with, shall we? Give me the watch and the brooch. [Takes watch and brooch.] We must put them back where they were. [Starts up back of desk.]

MRS. MANNINGHAM. Yes--here they are.

ROUGH. Here on the right, was it not?

MRS. MANNINGHAM. Yes. There-- That's right. There.

What I don't understand is Mrs. Manningham's "Yes--here they are." Is she saying this while handing Rough the watch and the brooch? It seems to me strange saying this when Rough has already started to walk to the desk. I appreciate any comments. Thank you!

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think Rough had passed the desk on his way to get the watch and brooch from her ("crossing above the desk").  So yes, she was saying this while handing Rough the watch and the brooch

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