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Was it necessary to text if we had a good day before?

I asked this before but the day before Father's Day, my dad and us went go dinner for Father's Day and saw a movie. On actual Father's Day, my mom texted him, they are exes. She asked me if I texted him Happy Father's Day and I felt caught off guard. I almost just said yes but I said no. She seemed so upset and said well if it is not in your heart, then you don't have to text. I just felt that we had already had a good day before and didn't think it was necessary to text on the actual day.

I feel like what I did caused an argument or something but I didn't mean to. She thought it was weird I didn't text so it made me feel bad. I didn't want to set a bad tone because we ended up having a good day the day before. I did end up texting my dad but never told my mom I did. Should I have told everyone I did text? Did it make it look like I was arguing with my dad even though that was not my intention?


My brother was with me on this and asked my mom why she texted today if he wasn't here today and we celebrated a day prior

Update 2:

It almost seemed afterward my mom has a friend. The friend was in a picture with her dad, and my mom said she really loved her dad.

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    A better question is not: "We were together the day before, so why should I have to text him on Father's Day itself?" but: "Would it have given my dad pleasure if I had texted him and said 'Really enjoyed yesterday, Dad; happy Father's Day!'"And the answer to that is "You bet!"

    Your dad would have enjoyed your message all the more, precisely because it wasn't "necessary". 

    So I'm glad to hear that you DID text him. Mind you, a phone call would have been even nicer.

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    i wouldve texted him

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