Does anyone know this Ion TV church show?

I get bad insomnia, and I leave the TV on in the other room just to create sort of a white noise.

Long story short, the ion channel has weird church programs on super early in the mornings and there was one that came on a couple days ago that jolted me awake with the weird singing.

It was some guy and it didn’t even sound like singing.... it was this weird drawn out chanting, almost like that opening chant from the lion King movie except a lot slower and deeper.

I’ve heard it once before. This particular program doesn’t come on very often. It’s usually the guy trying to get you to plant seeds of money or the Bible study guy

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    from the Ion site

    Where can I locate a schedule for the morning programs?

    We recommend checking your**** local area ****television listings for a schedule outside of the hours available through the website

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