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My cat is getting old and mean? Is this normal?

My cat has always been super gentle and soft. She's never even scratched me by accident. When I do something she doesn't like she gets up and leaves or she'd use her paw to push my hand away slowly. I've not ever seen her be mean or aggressive but lately she has taken a turn for the worse. She sounds raspy and doesn't care much for her wet food anymore. There have been small, subtle changes that I've noticed and I know that the end is near for her but now she's getting sligtly aggressive too. Is that normal? She growls and yowls the second I touch her to the second I stop and gently bites me if I don't stop fast enough. It's very unlike her (she is normally completely silent and she's never put her teeth on me before now) and I'm just wondering if this behavior comes with aging for some cats?


Forgot to mention, I've already had a vet check her out. I was told that nothing is wrong and she isn't in any pain. 

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    the older I get the more my body hurts and the crankier I'm getting,so heck yes they some times get a little mean


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    There is a good chance your cat has a bladder infection or something the vet has overlooked. Go to a different vet. If your cat is missing the litter box sometimes, or seems to be avoiding it, suspect an infection. If your cat is not eating enough, or not drinking enough, the cat is sick. If your cat is acting different, usually this means the cat is sick. 

    Unless your cat is over about age 16, your cat is not old. A cat taken care of and taken to the vet for health issues should live to about 17 to 20 years. TAKE THE CAT TO A DIFFERENT VET. Ask around for vets others know, or just choose a different one.

    Also, check her litter box. Is she peeing enough? Is she peeing a LOT? Are her poops a bit dry? A constipated cat can be in a lot of pain and especially if the cat has eaten something that is impacted in its colon. TAKE THE CAT TO A DIFFERENT VET.

    By the way: If a vet has been consulted, how are you coming to the conclusion "the end is near" for her? Do not assume things like this. GO TO A DIFFERENT VET. If your mother got grouchy and yelled at you, would you suggest the "end is near"?

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    Go to a different vet for another opinion. Cats don't just become aggressive for no reason. 

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    Three vets told me my cat was fine and wasn't in pain. Then one agreed he was, and told me that pain was massively underdiagnosed and undertreated in cats. Pain meds and anti-inflammatory medication greatly improved his appetite and attitude, and surgery fixed much of his underlying issue and let him live out the rest of his life without pain and as a much happier cat. I'm just sorry I believed the first three vets and didn't push to have him treated earlier. I don't know how old your cat is, but many can live into their late teens or early twenties.

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    Could be she's got tooth issues. They get that way when their teeth hurt.

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