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Help please?

A piece of aluminum has density 2.70 g/cm3 and mass 775 g. The aluminum is submerged in a container of oil (oil's density = 0.650 g/cm3). How much oil does the metal displace?

a. 287 cm^2





I used equation v=m/p 

775/2.7= 287.03

then i multiplied it by oil density 

so the answer i got was 186.5

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    Al volume = oil volume displaced

    V = 775g / 2.70g/cm³ = 287 cm³ √√√

    (but not cm² as the list suggests)

    which you got. Stop there! By multiplying by the oil's density, you got the mass of oil, which isn't what they were asking for (based on the choices in the list).

    As a consolation, know that you DID find the correct mass of oil!

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