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Has the wellness policy and PG rating destroyed WWE? Or just is too scripted now?


@Jim did my question say "Covid" you dumbass.

Update 2:

Good grief you must be dyslexic. You're a know it all.

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  • Covid 19 has done more damage to WWE than anything else I can think of. There are Wrestlers and other WWE Personnel who are confirmed to have gotten Covid 19, Wrestlers and other WWE Personnel who are on hiatus from WWE to protect themselves and their Families. Dozens of WWE Wrestlers, Announcers, Trainers, Road Agents, Referees because of all the shows that has had to cancel. WWE has gone from doing as many as 12 Shows a week to doing 3 Shows: 1 Raw + 1 NXT + 1 Smackdown Show. WWE has lost millions in revenue from few live gates and merchandise sales.  

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