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Is there a comic book character with no superpowers from the beginning of comics that is still around today?

I am not too familiar with comic books so i would find it very interesting if there is still a character who is still around and withstood the test of time in an era were only superheros with powers are popular and profitable.


Update: Nick Thank you for your answer and all the other people who answered as well. I had never heard of 'Little Nemo'  but after i googled it i found the comic book very interesting. 

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    Netflix just announced they are doing a live action adaptation of Little Nemo, who is 115 years old this year.

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    Lots of them. Old Archie comics have no super powers.

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    I'm also not a comic book buff but what about Robin? Batman's apprentice? He doesn't have any powers (actually neither did Batman now that I think about it), and he holds his own in a fight against other who have powers.

    I'm only referencing this from the old Teen Titans cartoon I used to watch. His whole team had powerful abilities and he didn't bring much power to the table (but boy could he could fight) and was still their leader.

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    The Phantom............

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    Slam Bradley from DC Comics. He is a private detective. 

    He appeared in Detective Comics #1 (1937), a few years before Batman's first appearance in #27. He was developed by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who would go on to create Superman.

    He has since made minor appearances in the comics, usually in the Batman related titles like Catwoman.

    He apparently appeared in the new Batwoman TV series. 

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    I believe many of the early heroes didn’t have powers, notably The Spirit, Doc Savage and Batman. And all three of these characters have been published at least once every couple years,  if not way more in the case of Batman, since the 40s. And then there’s many other famous characters that have been around for 30+ years like Punisher or Blue Beetle or most of Batman’s supporting cast who don’t have powers either they just have really good training and tech. 

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    The Phantom (the first comic book superhero).

    Dick Tracy

    though one might characterize his two-way wrist TV-radio as a "super power".

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    I mean...Batman.  In a way, Batman has superpowers.  Unrealistic technology, fighting skills, and so forth.  But technically they're all gear and skill, so they're not REALLY superpowers.

    And Batman is one of the earliest superheroes, invented very shortly after Superman himself.

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