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How to deal with a parent who neglects their animals?

My mom lets their cages get so dirty they get infections, doesn’t give them clean water everyday and sees nothing wrong with it.  I tried cleaning their cages for her and she freaked out.  Now she is twisting things to make it sound like I’m the one neglecting my pets and she needs to save my pets.  I wash their bowls daily yet she insists that I always leave them dirty until she cleans them.  If I tell her her pet needs to see a vet because it’s so sick from infection she cries and hits me.  I am moving away for college and plan to bring my pets with me- I have housing lined up that accepts them.  But she cries when I say I am taking them, insisting I won’t have time for them. 

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    Take your pets and leave, then call animal control or whichever authority deals with animal cruelty in that area to do a welfare check on her animals. You can't reason with someone who is not in their right mind.

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    after you leave, call and report her to the police

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