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Is Nos4A2 becoming a Victorian morality tale? Has it descended into almost parody of bad mothers?

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    Yes, I think so. I've been trying to watch this and struggling to not sleep through the entire hour. Vic is now a stereotype of GOP welfare mothers. Charlie Manx regularly delivers the most misogynistic crap imaginable. Sure, he's the villain but this reduces his character to one note which is boring and off-putting. There's also the black characters always being hurt and suffering in some way. Vic is also a one-note self-pity party that's alienating in all ways. The writers also use the tired she forgot to pick up her kid, she doesn't have time for a kid she had when she was still a kid and...It's just nonsense that you shrug off as something from a cautionary special episode of 7th Heaven or any Christian propaganda movie. 

    I am on the verge of just quitting this show. I somewhat liked it season one but making Vic a humorless dour Gamora-like figure was just...par for the course in how women with any sort of power are treated on television or the movies. They are about as layered as a sheet of saran wrap. Earnest, bland and earnest are not woman-as-heroine who saves the day good in any way. Wonder Woman has been the best breaking free a bit of this one. 

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