Booking: how long does the payment stay off my card if I have payed on the spot already?

I booked a hotel with a credit card warantee but with payment at the hotel itself. I payed in cash and received an invoice. I noticed however that the amount is also gone from my prepaid credit card in my bank app. I asked booking and they said that the amount can be locked for 5 workdays. It's been three workdays so I am patient but also a bit anxious. Is it normal that the amount is really not visible anymore? They will pay it back right? Has this happened to you? It's the first time I book myself so it's kinda scary. It's a really good hotel though, I trust it, and I also trust Booking.

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    1 month ago
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    This is common.  There is a hold placed on your card when you book to guarantee that the hotel will get paid.  When you pay with another method, that hold is removed but it can take a few days.  FWIW, it's better to book directly with the hotel and not with a site like

  • 4 weeks ago

    You clearly don't understand how cards work. If it's "prepaid" it isn't a credit card.

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