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Is it rude to tell someone "Don't you understand that?"?

Today me and my mom went to covina, ca to visit one of my sisters.

We live in Los Angeles and took the goldline out to my sis city. She picked us up and everything was going good until after we left community thirt.

My mom bought a big box of plates. She asked me if it was heavy and I said yes a little. So my mom asked my sis if she was going to be coming out to LA soon? My sis said she didn't know, why? My mom asked if she could keep the dishes until my sis came out? My sis said Annabella can carry it. I said there heavy and it will hurt my back. Then my mom told her that I hurt my back when I fell off my scooter. I did fall of my scooter and hurt my back and shoulder.

So my sis says why can't you carry it? I said because it's gonna hurt my back don't you understand that? My sis says don't run your mouth at me like that. Get out of my car. She tells me to get out and I said no call the police. She tells me get out my car you understand English don't you? I said no I only understand Spanish. Mind you we were out in a parking lot.

I get out the car and said mom told you I told you my back will hurt but you keep acting like you don't understand what we're saying. I then start saying no one in our family takes her seriously as a Christian because she's booshie. And she cries about not being married.

My mom played referee and said we don't need drama were sis we have to forgive and love each other which is true. I apologized but my sis didn't.

I feel she's sensitive.

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    Your sister didn't want to help out by taking the plates. I'd say she didn't want to be bothered by your mum asking her when she'd be coming around to get those plates. Your reaction to your sister was a normal reaction to someone who knew exactly what was said, but was picking for an argument to get out of obligating herself. And she kicked you out of the car for that?? You're not in the wrong - you're sister is a b*tch!! BTW - I bought some plates once and can verify they are indeed heavy - ten times worse if you have a sore back. Don't let her get away with this - and when you have some quiet time with your mother, tell her how you felt/feel. All very well being 'referee' but what's the use if she's not going to stop the ugly, selfish attitude your sister has! YOU tried by standing up to her - and were obviously winning, that's why she kicked you out of the car!! But you can't do it on your own - your mother has to step in!!

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    depends on why you told them that

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    "I feel she's sensitive."  Really?  Your both sound sensitive.  Split the box of plates and you and mommy can each carry a box.

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