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Are some people called racist just because people don’t like or agree with them?

In the 1600 if people didn’t like or agree with you they called you a witch.  In the 1950s they called you a communist. Today they call you a racist.

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    Way to go.  Good point.

    The point is this.  When you conform to the mores and ethics of the prevailing culture of the time, you are deemed a good person and supported by that culture.  When you don't conform you are demeaned and berated, and sanctioned by the prevailing culture.  

    So when Washington, Jefferson, Austin, and other American heroes were slavers, they were deemed good people back then because they conformed to the mores and ethics of the time. Lots of farmers were slavers back then.  Slavery was accepted by the American culture back then in the 1700s and 1800s.  The farmers needed the cheap labor to tend the fields.

    America's Manifest Destiny, which was to expand into the west, was seen back then as a good thing by the colonialists.  So it was not a big deal that Native Americans were slaughtered as the white man moved west.  It was America's version of Germany's liebensraum push into Poland and Russia.  But the prevailing culture of those who wielded power condoned that push west; so it was OK that hundreds of thousands of Native Americans died as a result.

    But mores and ethics are dynamic, they are constantly changing. What was good back then is no longer condoned now.  What we are seeing now is Americans of all colors finally recognizing that some of the things Americans did in the past were not good things by today's standards.  So the issue now is, do we demean our heroes of the past because they have sullied histories based on today's standards?

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    It's easy to tell if someone is a racist.  so the answer to your question is no.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Coming up with bogus labels like these saves liberals from having to try and think up logical and rational arguments.  It's easier for these morons to just call someone a racist or a Russian.

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    If they're on the left, they'll call you a Nazi.  If they're on the right, they'll call you a Communist.

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