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Do you still buy new Remington guns?

Since Remingtons quality control problems do you still buy Remingtons firearms ?  I clearly remember in the 1980s the Remington 1100 and 700 ruled but not any more. 

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    Personally no, I don't own any Remington rifles, and I don't think I will buy any or recommend them to many people UNLESS they are specific rifles for specific tasks at good pricing. For example, a varmint style 700 heavy barrel or a stainless game rifle where the added features at a lowered price make the rifle competitive. I've always been able to buy a better rifle than a Rem at every price point, would easily recommend a CZ 550 over a 700 BDL/CDL, entry-level Ruger American, and Savage Axis II over cheap 700 ADLs or 783s. Remington made bad marketing, manufacturing, and public relations moves over the last decades, such as the 710/770 throwaway rifles and trying to import 798s and not doing well with them, bad triggers, etc. 

    I grew up using a 725 BDL Custom, totally different approach than the constantly up-marketed 700; basically Remington ran the cash cow 700 actions into the ground and never planned to do much of anything else because that takes capital investment. Savage and Ruger both re-capitalized and pretty much took the best features of the 788 (similar to what Sako did for the Tikka) and made better entry-level rifles for the price than the Rem 783, which is a shame in a sense. 

    So, there are Remington rifles worth buying IF the person knows exactly what they are buying at the right price, and I can't put a blanket can't recommend for the reasons mentioned but yeah, not impressed by the "3 rings of steel" and "Big Green" marketing anymore. 

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    I bought an entry-level Remington 700 last winter (it was a ridiculous sale price), .30-06.  It's the synthetic stock, fixed-magazine version (ADL?).  I've been really happy with it so far, I've shot a pretty good number of rounds through it (sighted in one scope, then got a better one and had to sight that in later on).  It hasn't given me any problems, though we're still in the first 100 rounds, and will likely have a pretty low round count as a hunting rifle.

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    Remington has had problems for years. They are in such dire straits the Navajo nation wants to buy them. At that point Remington and all that subsidiaries are done. So many older firearms brands will cease to exist. I considered getting a Remington 1911 a few years back but went for a Colt instead. I have a Remington 700 that I bought over a decade ago but I don’t shoot it that much since it’s my deer gun. 20, maybe 40 rounds a year tops.

    Older Remington‘s from 10+ years ago I would say are still good to go but I would not buy anything new from them. Their consolidation and laying off of skilled workers well moving all their tooling into one place Really killed the QC. And it makes me sad. I wanted to buy a marlin Lever action but I heard so many horror stories I went with Henry instead. I would’ve bought a old marlin several decades old if I could find one.

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