How can someone cure diarrhea?

I have been having this on and off for about a year now. The doctors took a stool sample and can't find anything wrong with the stool. What are some diet tips to cure this? I will try googling this as well. Thanks!

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  • 7 months ago
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    While you contemplate eating an entire whale, as someone with a sense of humour suggested, then try this: Eat plenty of sensible fibre-rich veggies like steamed spinach (no more than 4-5 mins) and Broccoli (no more than 10 mins or it goes bitter). If this  doesn't make things a lot better within 2 weeks, then go back to the doctor and ask them to do the standard diagnostic tests for diarrhea.  If it isn't a food intolerance or metabolic disorder, you'll probably be told you have IBS or Chrohns and need to adjust your diet. Don't self-diagnose and treat at random as getting this right is multi-stranded and can be incredibly complicated.

  • 7 months ago

    If the doctors don't know, then it's very unlikely that a bunch of people on Yahoo answer do.

    So I'm just going to make something up here: eat an entire whale.

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