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What is a good bitless bridle?

My horse has a very sensitive mouth and the bit is very uncomfortable for her. So I am looking for a good bitless bridle any recommendations?

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    I recommend you first get her teeth checked and if necessary then try some different bits. 

    If she has tooth issues, or just hasn't had her teeth floated for a while, then anything you do will cause her issues.  A bitless bridle, which uses pressure against her cheeks and pushes her sensitive inner cheeks against her teeth, will be more painful, not less.  Many horses have, unbeknownst to their owners, sharp points on their teeth that need to be removed.  These sharp points can cause major irritation, even ulcers in the mouth, with no one noticing.

    Then, once her mouth is in good shape, try different snaffle bits.  Every horse's mouth anatomy is different, and may require a different style bit.

    Many owners think a bit fat snaffle is the kindest bit - but that bit may be extremely uncomfortable for a horse with a lower palate.  It just doesn't fit in their mouth.  That horse is often better with a narrower than usual bit.  So look in your horse's mouth, with and without the bit, and try to envision what will work.

    Some horses have larger tongues than others.  These may need a wide port in the bit to be comfortable.   

    Some horses like a jointed bit like a snaffle; others do not.  They'd go better in an unjointed bit like a mullen mouth snaffle.

    Many other issues should be looked at, including the level of training of the horse and the skill of the rider.

    Hackamores are actually crueler than most bits.  They work by leveraging pressure against the nasal bone and the skin over it.  In the wrong hands, a hack can actually break the nasal bone.

    A bosal has a weighted knot under the jaw.  This weight pulls on the horse's nose all the time, except when his nose is in the fully vertical position, when the weight is borne by his poll.  That's the equivalent of pulling on a regular bit all the time to keep his nose vertical.  It's far from optimal.  Even a curb bit can be gentler.

    Bitless is always an option, but not the best option for most horses and riders.  Especially if you want to advance your skills.

    If you insist on bitless, the Dr. Cooke's is supposed to be pretty good.

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    Depends how responsive your horse is.  I switched my mare over to just reigns on the side of her halter, others use a hack more (there are several degrees of control with hackmores but they all work on the same principal)  Otherwise a bossy works on some horses.

    Another idea we used on one of the fillies when teaching her to drive was an apple flavored bit.  She loved it and willingly opened her mouth every time we raised the bit.  I’m sorry but I don’t remember where we got it from.  It’s similar to a dogs Nyla one scented bone, it’s nylon and apple flavored and scented, also it can be boiled to sanitize it and works great in winter when you absolutely need to use a bit.

    Hope this helps.

    Also when switching over be sure to work in a pen or arena until your site the horse is very responsive.  You don’t want to find yourself on trail with a horse that decides it’s going where you don’t want to be, no way of steering or stopping.  When I switched over I spent two weeks working on word commands ad well as leg cues and neck pressures.  The more we worked and she understood the more fun we had and she was responsive.   That’s also when it changed from me going out to pasture to bring her in to my calling her and she came in on her own.   She didn’t like the horse hardware that well.

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    ether a hackamore or a bosal works well.

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