Would it be weird to not have bridesmaids for my wedding ?

For my future wedding, I don't think I want bridesmaids for my future wedding. Would it be weird not to have any?.

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago
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    No. I had a small wedding and it was just my husband and me, the pastor, and the guests. I liked it that way...sweet and simple.

  • GB
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    4 weeks ago

    If I had the Church wedding my mother wanted me to have, my younger sisters would have been bridesmaids. In the UK,  at register office weddings,it's not unusual to have bridesmaids, but I didn't , as my mother  was annoyed about me not marrying in the RC Church. I was just grateful she changed her mind about not attending and let my sisters be there.

    There are also couples who marry in a church who don't have bridesmaids.

  • You can have any thing you want for your wedding, so no.

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