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How to tell my dad to watch his mouth around my family?

Every night, around midnight (we do dinner the Spanish way in my household), we have family dinner and my dad is always fast-and-loose with the jokes and the quips and the stories. My wife was talking about our son's recent football injury that ****** up his leg probably for good, and my dad interrupted and told this story about a call girl in the 60s who had a wooden leg- he said this was an okay story to tell because it was 55 years ago and my mother and him had already worked through the betrayal- and he told this story about how the leg popped off in the middle of the act. We all admonished him to stop, but he insisted it was a funny story. My mom was actually laughing along! She's an enabler! How do I tell my own dad to pipe down, without him feeling offended and betrayed!?

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    Pipe down! Id love to hear some good stories from yesteryear. My family were so boring growing up and tightly wound and so focused on how I held a fork or my mom would complain about how I rinsed off the dishes in the sink. 

  • Ludwig
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    4 weeks ago

    That is very funny.   Get him a drink and see if he has any more stories.

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    Sean, it's the OP's responsibility to check, immediately after posting, that their question has landed up in a suitable category. Very often they don't, which is why we all have the ability to move our own questions, as often as we like.

    Please move yours ASAP to "Family and Relationships".  Just click on "Edit".

    PS I don't see how the timing of your family dinner has any relevance.

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    I suppose  the word "story" made the Yahoo Answers sorting engine suggest your question goes into  "Books and Authors". You can transfer it to Etiquette or Fanily Relationships and you'll hopefully get better, kinder answers.

    As for your father,  he is your father. You must know from experience how to deal with his storytelling. I'd do the same as the answerer who suggested taking him aside and asking him to 1) wait until the person speaking has finished before telling his story and 2) don't tell stories that are not appropriate for children to hear.

    You might talk with your mother first  She knows your father longer than you have, and she knows you.

    Also recall that your father is an old man. Old men like to hear themselves tell stories. He may have thought he was diverting his grandson and that the boy was old enough to hear a risqué story. I would be charitable and not make a big issue about your son hearing that story. Your son might become embarrassed or think he was to blame for causing friction between you.

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  • sam
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    4 weeks ago

    You guys eat dinner at midnight? Geez I would be so hangry by that point and my parents would be falling asleep at the table.

    Anyway, you should probably have a conversation with your dad saying that "Hey, I just wanted to have a quick word about the story you were telling at dinner. I get that its a funny one, but I'm concerned about what my son hears. Do you think when he is in the room, you could you try to stay away from your sexual stories?" 

  • 4 weeks ago

    You should have a man to man talk with him in private. I'm not Spanish or anything but I'll bet that is how it's done anywhere when someone is so far out of line! Start out by asking him to explain what it means to respect others. Then use his own words to confront him with his poor behavior and lack of respect for YOUR family!

  • 4 weeks ago

    Did he keep the wooden leg? You know, as a souvenir?

  • Andrew
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    4 weeks ago

    You claim to be a married man, yet you eat dinner every night with your parents and don't have the stones to tell your father to watch his mouth in the presence of your wife and mother... Unless you're planning on writing a book about pisspoor trolling, port this nonsense over to Etiquette. 

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