is swimming in a pool safe?

does the chlorine in the pool kill all the bacteria from people's sweat and urine? Does our skin soak up chemicals from the pool?

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  • y
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    1 month ago

    All depends on the pool, how it is maintained and what levels all those chemicals are. My neighbors pool has had a greenish tint from the time he opened it up this year on. I would not allow my dog in it and apparently after using it a couple of times, he wont allow his kids to use it either. He asked and I helped him out last year, his first year with a pool. But he has not asked this year except at the fery start, when I told him he needed to shock it, and even gave him the stuff to do it with, he still hasn't used it.  My pool on the other hand is balanced chemical wise, clear, and has been being used on almost a daily basis this summer, considering we are all home. We also have other families in the niegborhood asking if they can have family pool parties and such. 

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