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Dream Interpretation - Thirsty yet unable to drink the water that’s right in the palm of your hand?

I had a dream that I was in the store with one of my friends and some celebrity we were apparently friends with too. I was sharing a cart with the celebrity and my friend had a cart of her own. As we were shopping, I got very thirsty so I went and got a large bottle of water. 

I was so thirsty, I wanted to open it while we were walking around and pay for it at the register. I stopped myself and waited until we went to check out. The celebrity went first and paid for his items. Then, he said he had to go outside to take a phone call. 

Every time I tried to pay for my items, something came up that prevented me from buying the water.

whether  it was my friend pulling me away from the register to go outside numerous times, the cashiers abandoning their registers and pressing themselves against the store windows to ogle at the celebrity, or the fact that the store had no self check out. There was a point in the dream where I was so thirsty I could barely speak without coughing. The water bottle was right in the palm of my hand but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t pay for it and I refused to drink it immorally. Towards the end, I was left wondering if I should just give up my attempts at buying the water completely so my friends wouldn’t have to wait for me with the large crowd of admirers bombarding the celebrity. After all, I could buy it somewhere else right?Sorry for the length of it all. does anyone know what this dream might mean?

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    Your dream is very easily interpreted.  Your put the needs, all of them, of your friends, above your own needs.  Do you do that in real Life?  Your subconscious mind is pointing it out to you. Next step to take, is to put your needs first, especially when it comes to the basics of Life, like bread and WATER!  

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    It might mean you are choosing mobility and power over love and this unwillingness to forgive others or give up your social vision causes you to operate by self referent levels of knowledge get instead of looking outside yourself. You need more humility and less ego. 

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    dreams DON'T MEAN anything ...............................

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