Reset galaxy j3 without google password?

I am trying to reset my father's Samsung galaxy j3. I found how to reset it and I did, but when I try to turn the phone back it wants his google email and password. He has passed away and I do not have his password. Is there any way around needing his password to make the phone useable? 

1 Answer

  • Do a factory reset.  You need around half an hour to spare.  With the phone switched off, hold down the Volume+ button and holding it down, use the power button to start the phone.  Don't let go of the Volume+ button until the Galaxy logo comes up.  Then wait.  You'll get a couple of menus.  You scroll up and down using the Volume keys and select with the power button.  Follow the menus for setup mode and factory reset.  (What it actually says depends on your version of Android)..When it argues (are you really really sure you want to lose all your date) use the Volume keys to select Yes and press the power button.  You'll get some silly graphics and eventually it will reboot to a clean machine.  It immediately goes into start-up mode as if it's a new machine.  If you want to use it yourself, carry on and enter the requested data.  If you want to give it to someone else, hold in the power button to force a total power down.  When they switch on, they'll get the start-up mode.

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