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Which girl names out of these do you like best? Please rate them /10?













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  • Anonymous
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    Meadow: my horses name so no. 2/10

    Angeline.   I like Angelena more. 7/10Olympia: too old lady for me 4/10Celeste: I love it. Very pretty 9/10Ophelia: I like it more for a middle name 8/10Star: it’s cute but I think I’d use Starla and use Star as a nickname 7/10Summer: I’ve always loved the name Summer. Very cute. 9/10Veronica: nice but I don’t like the nicknames it has . 7/10Rose: it’s too common for middle name but I don’t mind it as a first name.  8/10Megan: really pretty. I’ve always loved this name 9/10Iris: not a huge fan of “ I “ names . But it’s very pretty 8/10Parker : no question that I like it on a boy. Questionable as if I like it on a girl but I think it might be growing on me. 8/10

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    Meadow - 6/10 Nice enough, but I cannot see it on an actual child.

    Angeline - 4/10 Feels incomplete without the A on the end.Olympia - 5/10 Kind of neutral on this name.Celeste - 3/10 Personally don’t like it, but I know someone with this name.Ophelia - 7/10 Love this name and the song, but I don’t like the Feel Ya part.Veronica - 8/10 Just because it reminds me of Heathers the musical.Star - 0/10 It’s a child not a stripper, Sweetheart.Summer - 7/10 Common, but nice.Rose - 9/10 But I like it more as a middle name.Megan - 1/10 Bland.Iris - 2/10 Nope.Parker - 4/10 Only really ever seen it on boys and I’m not into the whole “name your girl a boys name” trend.

  • 1 month ago

    Meadow - 6

    Angeline- 7

    Olympia - 8

    Celeste - 10

    Ophelia - 6

    Veronica- 9

    Star- 5


    Rose- 7

    Megan- 10

    Iris- 7

    Parker- 3

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  • 1 month ago

    Meadow = 11 

    Angeline =5 

    Olympia   =1 

    Celeste =6 

    Ophelia = 2 

    Veronica =7 

    Star = 9 

    Summer = 10 

    Rose =3

    Megan = 8 

    Iris =4 

    Parker = 12

  • 1 month ago

    Meadow 10

    Angeline 5

    Olympia 3

    Celeste 4

    Ophelia 6

    Veronica 8

    Star 4

    Summer 5

    Rose 2

    Megan 9

    Iris 7

    Parker 0


    Parker is a man's name.

  • 1 month ago

    all bad names!! kids will make fun!!!

    meadow-- the kids will say 'meadow meadow, she live in a meadow lmao!' very damaging for childs self esteem

    angeline-- very bad, the bullies will say 'angeline angeline, had an operation to remove her spleen!'

    olympia -- bad boys and girls will say 'olympia, olympia, likes to eat the shrimpia!'

    celeste-- the kids will sing 'celeste, celeste, she has the hairy chest!'

    ophelia-- this is a bad one, they will sing 'ophelia, ophelia, rhymes with necrophilia!'

    veronica-- this my sister name, i always say to her 'veronica, veronica, play me a song on your harmonica!' she commit suicide in 1992

    star-- they will harass for this name, they will say 'star, star, needs a shower!'

    summer-- oh very bad one! 'summer, summer, for a dollar she give u hummer!'

    rose-- this is very nice name u should call her rose......... only if you like her to be bullied!!!! 'rose, rose, likes to pick her nose!'

    megan-- my aunts name, as children my sister and i call her 'megan, megan, will never get to heaven!' she commit suicide in 1992

    iris-- this name will provoke slander such as 'iris, iris, always knows where the fire is!'

    parker-- no! 'parker, parker, likes to sniff the marker!'

  • Snid
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    1 month ago

    Meadow~0~  I dislike the use of the word meadow as a name for a human.  Plus, I just think meadow muffin.

    Angeline~7~  Very pretty.

    Olympia~5~  Only okay.  Kind of old lady like.

    Celeste~6~  Pretty enough.

    Ophelia~5~  Only okay.  Old lady like.

    Veronica~9~  Cute.  I love it BUT  I do think of Riverdale.

    Star~0~  I dislike the use of the word star as a name for a human.  I think it's silly.

    Summer~5~  I am not a fan of seasons as names.  This is the nicest of the 4, though.

    Rose~0~  I detest this name.  It's over used and boring.  It's a cliche.

    Megan~6~  It's dated but still okay.

    Iris~10~  A lovely name!

    Parker~0~  I dislike the use of this for a girl.  Love it for a boy.

  • P
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    1 month ago

    Meadow .   0/10

    Angeline. . 7/10

    Olympia 0/10

    Celeste  8/10

    Ophelia 1/10

    Veronica 9/10

    Star 0/10  Stella also means Star and it sounds much nicer. 

    Summer 0/10

    Rose 8/10

    Megan 7/10

    Iris 7/10

    Parker 0/10

    My favourite is Veronica Rose.

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