my pc games look slightly different, slightly less graphical, or the distance is kind of not as detailed, is my graphics card failing?

I've had a gtx 1060 since late 2017. when do I know its time to change it? also, I know NOTHING about installing or checking the health status of graphcis card indipendtly.yet want to continue PC gaming.what should I do?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The answer is a matter of opinion and personal preference, so there isn't a set consensus. Most people will say "When it quits doing what you want it to do." I'd recommend sticking with the card for now and wait to see what Nvidia's next Generation Ampere cards (RTX 3000?) have to offer. 

    The 3gb GTX 1060 and 6gb GTX 1060 are not the same card. Some of the Shader units in the 3gb version have been disabled which makes the 6gb version 11% faster. The 3gb version is still okay for gaming at 1080p but the VRAM limit shows up in a few of these newer games, and you'll have to lower the setting to accommodate for this.

    Some people might replace the card when it can no longer deliver 60fps at High or Medium detail settings. Other people might stretch it out to 30fps.

    IMO, it's time to look at replacing the card when you can no longer run the games at the native screen resolution of your monitor. However a 6gb GTX 1060 is still a long way off from not being able to play the newest games at 1080p, medium-low detail setting, while delivering 45fps. 

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