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Do people notice if other people are wearing flip flops?

I'm so self conscious about wearing flip flops because I'm afraid people around me, whether it be strangers, my neighbors or friends, will notice it on me and start making judgments. Would people around me really notice or care if I were wearing flip flops?

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    No one will notice. And if they notice they won't care. It's summer and everyone wears flip flops. Why would they single you out?  Why would anyone care or judge?  Do you think you are different or better or worse than everyone else? Seriously, you aren't the center of the world and no one gives a fu** what you put on your feet. You aren't some special unicorn princess whom everyone watches and admires. You are just another ordinary person In flip flops, like everyone else out there. And if anyone does say anything tell them it's your feet, your flip flops, your decision. And honestly, in hot summer weather I am more likely to notice someone who isn't wearing sandals or flip flops. 

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    I really do not think so. I was pretty much the same as you when I was younger, when those athletic sandals in warm weather because I was tired of wearing my sneakers without socks all the time (I rarely wear socks year round in my shoes) so around 1994-95 I bought my first pair of Teva sandals (they had been around for about 2 years at the time) and wore them, but I only wore them where people did not know me, or didn't know me that well, then bit by bit, I started wearing them more often, where people did know me, and now I wear them where almost everyone sees me wear them. 

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    i dont think so, just wear whatever you want

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    I don't think anyone notices you're wearing flip-flops.  People might stare if you wore them to church, or to court, or some formal event.  But just for every-day walking around, nobody cares.

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