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Is this worth waiting for?

Lately, I was watching these people talking about saving their virginity. I am a 27-year virgin, female and after hearing what they had to say, I feel like I wouldn't want to give up my virginity until I am married. I just would wonder if I told a guy that I wanted to keep it, would guys leave me? I was raised Catholic but not devout like going to church. I know it's rare to not have sex before marriage but I don't know what I should do? Should I lose it while dating or should I wait? Where would I find guys with the same moral values?


My dad is Catholic and my mom Christian and they didn't wait. They dated for a long time though for about 8 years then got married

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    Make a decision and stick with it. Some guys will run if youte not having sex,  some will not hoping they can get your virginity. Neither of those are worthy of you so youre doing yourself a favor by not sleeping with them since they wouldn't be around very long anyway. A guy who will wait till marriage is worth giving yourself to since it shows genuine love and respect for you and your choice.

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    If God is real and you don't believe in Him, it doesn't really matter what you do.

    If God is not real and you don't believe in Him, it also doesn't matter what you do.

    ..but if God is real and you do believe in Him, then you'll seek to please Him.

    Make your own choice, you're responsible for it!

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    I wouldn't put virginity as the highest criterion. If you find a person who is a good partner and someone that you would wish to spend the rest of your life with then most of the rest should be mutually considered.  I would never have demanded sex from my girl but it would have been difficult if it hadn't been offered.  You see the act of offering things to me was really a token.  A representation that she cared about how I felt.  It was one part of something that convinced me that this girl was one I shouldn't let go.

    Which means that I would have to consider the particular guy and his interests and what he was offering.  THEN make up my mind what I would be prepared to do for him.

    If he left BECAUSE you wouldn't have sex with him he wouldn't be worth it.  But if he left because he felt you didn't care about him enough then that would be completely reasonable.  Yet what is the difference?

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    I was raised Catholic. Their views on marriage and sex are mired in the 13th or 14th century, when women were property, and had a useful life expectancy of 30 or so years. Marital advice from a person that is celibate is analogous to asking a six year old to teach philosophy. Marital advice from some one that is probably a homosexual pedophile has to be ignored. Sex is more important in marriage than most people want to admit. To be good at sex, requires practice and experience. Couples that enjoy good sex regularly, are usually happy and stay together. Sex problems will eventually start problems that usually result in separation or divorce. Don't wait. Get all the experience you can get. Quality over quantity.

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    You are fully entitled to do as you feel about this issue. I personally believe that one should not marry without first having experienced sex with the partner in question. Compatibility is extremely important in this matter, perhaps even more so than in other areas.   

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    This is a personal decision, and part of that decision is how a prospective partner feels.  I always post against the norm.  I was not a virgin when a married my ex-husband who was a virgin.  He was, likewise, raised Catholic.  I don't know if that matters.  He believed that sex should be conducted in the dark, missionary position, under the covers.  He actually wore pajamas to bed, took the bottoms off for sex and tucked them under his pillow, put them back on when intercourse was over.

    I was miserably unhappy and unsatisfied.  I divorced him after ten months of his various sexual oddities.  I am remarried to someone who was not a virgin and am very happy.

    Had I had sex with my "ex" even once, that would have been the end of our relationship.

    Is sex the only important thing in a marriage?  No.  Were his "beliefs" almost impossible to live with?  Yes.

  • Anonymous
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    You need to be tasted before marriage. Guys wants to feel your body and see how you perform heads , what positions suited better for him and you, and how much of sex can you handle in a week so all this are important for man.

    If you waited till marriage and suck for the first time and puke that’s horrible so it’s better to get used to hard ons first , get used to the smell of the balls because the balls will be close to your nose when you suck on . So it’s needed 

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