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Why hasn’t my wish🧞‍♀️ 💫 to sing 🎶 🎤 beautifully 🌹 come true yet?

I wrote my wish on an index card. Covered in clear tape so it wouldn’t get water damaged, and taped it to the necklace that my BFF gave me and tossed the necklace into a lake and said,” I wish I could sing beautifully? “

The wish hasn’t come true and I still sound terrible when I sing. I therefore don’t sing practically at all and my singing still hasn’t improved ?

Why hasn’t my wish come true? I am truthful, generous (gave my Necklace to the lake), and kind (want to bring joy to my friends and to the world with my singing)

Why hasn’t my wish come true. Giving up the necklace shows that I am willing to put in the costs of getting my wish

Why hasn’t it come true?

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  • 1 month ago

    If you think that your issues with your voice can be improved by throwing necklaces into water - then you need 1. Voice lessons.  2. Psychiatric help.  Perhaps reversing that order would be most beneficial.  I believe you have posted similar things before - and ignored relevant suggestions.  You need not ask the same things over and over, if YOUR solutions involve Magical Thinking,

    Source(s): Taught Voice and choral music in the schools of NY state for almost 30 years. No voice class practice involved throwing necklaces into water.
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