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Was the Alice in Wonderland cartoon by Disney really just about a long, psychedelic mushroom/LSD trip?

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  • Goerge
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    That would be a fun and happy trip but the reality of it is that Charles Dodgson told the tale first to his daughters while they were out rowing down the Thames. His daughter then put that memory to pen later on in life under a pseudonym.

  • Jesere
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    Charles Dodgson, a mathematician at Christ Church, Oxford, first told his surreal story to the daughters of dean Henry Liddell as they rowed down the Thames. 

    After the boating trip, 10-year-old Alice Liddell badgered Dodgson to write it down and Alice in Wonderland - under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll - was born.Aug 20, › magazine-19254839Is Alice in Wonderland really 

    The book's themes and characters are so bizarre that in the 1960's rumours began to surface that Lewis Carroll wrote the book under the influence of drugs, particularly opium or laudanum. It's a tempting theory – after all the story has Alice eating 'magic' mushrooms and meeting hookah smoking caterpillars. › was-lewis-carroll-o...

    Was Lewis Carroll On Drugs When He Wrote Alice In Wonderland ...

  • Thorn
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    there was no mention of drugs

    it was a dreamlike adventure

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