What caused my hives?

So I've had hives for almost one day already and it is swelling. I have had hives before a few years ago and I can't figure out every time what caused it. I know it's an allergic reaction. I think this time my hives were caused by mosquito bites.


But my mosquito bites have never turned into hives before!!!! And I've had plenty throughout the years

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Go see a doctor! ER if anything.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That can happen.  You can build up an intolerance to the mosquito bites over time that turn into a serious allergy. Just like anything else since your body is always going through changes, these type allergic reactions can occur at any time due to any number of triggers.  IN your case, this last series of mosquito bites disrupted your immune system in such a way that resulted in the hives.  Please go to the urgent care or ER if you are still swelling as your throat can close in an anaphylactic attack (life threatening allergic reaction).  You need to get this under control with medication (IV corticosteroids and benadryl) which will be administered by the hospital or urgent care staff.  This is not something to fool around with or take lightly. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's possible to get hives as an overreaction to mosquito bites, the Mayo Clinic website says, especially if you tend to get welts from every mosquito bite. "Skeeter Syndrome" is more common in women, people who are overweight or obese, people with type O blood, people wearing cologne or other scents, people who are or were sweating, people who've been drinking beer, and people wearing dark clothing.

    Heck, sometimes I'm all of the above.

    An oral antihistamine like Benedryl can calm hives. Don't combine it with Benedryl Gel, if you're using it to deal with the itch.

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