Does rodeo have the same level of animal care as racing?


I enjoy racing and get it that the industry is not always kind to horses, and have eaten horse meat (some of the same horses), but some of that rodeo stuff seems disturbing to me from an animal welfare point of view. Am I just being a snowflake?

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  • 1 week ago

    Those bucking broncs and Bulls are bred for what they do for 8 seconds one time at the rodeos that day. They are expensive and very well taken care of. The bulls go back to ranches in the off season to breed and enjoy the pasture and girls, the horses, mares are bred and the others enjoy the pastures also. They bring lots of prise money to the cowboys for a good ride.The stock contractors depend on the health and wellbeing of these animals. Where do you think these animals would be if not for the job they have? Hummm. On a plate.

  • 3 weeks ago

     Am I just being a snowflake? YES a hypocritical one.

    Accidents happen.Some Animals do get injured maimed or killed. The way it is.

    Children and Adults get mauled by dogs.

    Criminals fleeing get bitten by Police Dogs. With your logic better ban dogs too.

    Rodeo has a DIFFERENT level of care than racing.

    Slow horses may not survive to race next week.

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    The horses in your video did not die from this accident.

    Chuck wagon racing is a very small part of Rodeo

    Enjoy your horse ride in Central park?

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    Visit a puppy mill for more horror.

    Not a big fan of either sport.

    Why pick on the Calgary Stampede The race at Omak is worse.

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  • JSC
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    4 weeks ago

    No! Not the same care at all. I strongly feel that once these animals are put into rodeos that's where the inhumanity come in to play for the horses, and other livestock as well!

  • 4 weeks ago

    Accidents happen in any sport.  In the video, an accident happened.

    Generally the livestock in a sanctioned US rodeo is well cared for.  The horses and the bulls are especially valuable, and every precaution is taken for their welfare.

    The only event I have doubts about is calf roping, but they're trying to improve that, introducing break away roping and so on.  Rules are in place to help.  Studies have shown an injury rate of 0.047%, which is pretty low, but I have no doubt it's stressful to the calf. '

    Chuck wagon races, on the other hand, are not usual rodeo events, and are extremely problematic.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Rodeo has provoked opposition from animal rights and animal welfare advocates, who argue that various competitions constitute animal cruelty. The American rodeo industry has made progress in improving the welfare of rodeo animals, with specific requirements for veterinary care and other regulations that protect rodeo animals. However, rodeo is opposed by a number of animal welfare organizations in the United States and Canada. Some local and state governments in North America have banned or restricted rodeos, certain rodeo events, or types of equipment. Internationally, rodeo is banned in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, with other European nations placing restrictions on certain practices.

  • abdul
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    4 weeks ago

    All those rodeo animals are private property and they are well cared for because they bring a lot of money to their owners.

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