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How do I help my son feel safe when we’re all alone quarantine for three weeks in a house with no television and limited food?

He is aged 11. A little bit of food is being delivered by somebody we both have mild cases of COVID-19 and we’re quarantine in a house with no television and no games for three weeks that we do have a view of the river and a dock that we can walk out to. We can’t go anywhere obviously because we’re contagious.

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    If you sent this post, you have access to the Internet.  The Internet can give you access to a huge number of TV shows, movies and games.  If your 11 year old is like most his age, he can show you how to find them.  If he can't, ask for help  on this website.

    Walk outside every day.  Play old-fashioned games like Treasure Hunt and Hide & Seek.  Click on the link below for suggestions of things to do.  Pretend you're a kid again and just have some fun!

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