Why have urban legends grown up around the meaning of 420 what does it mean, dad wont tell me?

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    It's not an urban legend.

    It comes from a group of high school kids who heard about an abandoned pot farm, and met after their last after-school activities ended to go and try to find it.  Given what time those school activities got out, 4:20 was the time they chose to meet.

    It was popularized by the Grateful Dead and High Times Magazine.

    There are claims that it came from the California Penal Code, or from police radio codes, but none of that is true.

    Nor does it have anything to do with Hitler.

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    April 20th ('4-20'), is Adolf Hitler's birthday. Marijuana is smoked at 4:20 PM each day by many people, (almost religiously), and larger celebrations i.e. 'pot parties' are even held on April 20th each year.

    The police have also taken to using the code '420' to indicate that marijuana is being illegally smoked in their presence or eye line and arrests are imminent. 

    People may consider it ironic to use Hitler's birthday to celebrate the 'chronic' (the ghetto term given to the persistent use of cannabis among urban youth despite constant 'upgrades' to other drugs), yet people tend to forget who Hitler actually was.

    Hitler was a 'ghetto thug' himself and dropped out of art school after his art work was formally rejected. He loved mural art, especially with messages contained within them. He believed in a 'super race' which he cultivated in writing, media and entertainment and by using sports figures. He was a vegan vegetarian, led a 'social justice' movement for the poor and opposed, (most of whom lived in government run ghettos), started a 'national youth corps' which marched against the existing establishment, destroyed existing historical art and memorial statuary driven by historical hate disguised as 'social justice,' even starting out with help from deluded and deceived members of the Christian Church, (which he later betrayed openly).

    Hitler practiced the occult in secret, hypocritically punished others for their drug use and deviant sex while practicing both himself, used the Press and celebrities to manufacture scandals against his political opponents, led mob rule movements to bypass due process, attack law enforcement, caused race-based rioting and dissension and sought to replace law enforcement with his 'peace-keeping youth corps' and ultimately used all of this to get legally elected to the Chancellorship of Germany where he then proceeded to access genocidal war machines.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    The only difference between Hitler's vision and the current Democrat run 'ghetto' vision for America is skin color. As it turns out, evil is not so much a 'racist' as it is an opportunist.

    Does '420' make more sense now? 

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    420 blaze it lol, it's a number associated with marijuana on the internet

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