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No one can demand a proof that God does (or doesn’t) exist, but where does the evidence point?

I would like you to do the following the evidence without bias. At least it is the best you guys can hope to do.

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    Not needed anymore. The Order to Test ALL that the Atheists had paid to be made up to look like their beliefs was finished in 2007 with all of the scientists discovering that Atheism is all Fiction! Most of what the Atheists had claimed to be old fossils are really New BONES and all from already known of animals!  Atheism has been proven and declared to be a "religion with zero proofs"! 

    Every single sentence of history in the Bible has anywhere from three to over 250 records found to confirm each sentence! Plus all the items and places confirming the Bible! 

    LOVE only comes with GOD also!

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    There is no logic nor evidence to shore up the fantasy that there is no God, but every year millions experience God for themselves.  Everybody should.  It's the logical thing to do.

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    Look at colonial actions on 1746 and the result, and you tell me.

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    anyone can demand proof

    of anything.

    That doesn't mean that one has to submit to such a demand.

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    Evidence points to a Force of nature which has established a system of cause and consequence. We are born with a unique genetic makeup and raised in an environment that determines how we will react to life.  The wisdom called Kabbalah is the science of the correct perception of true reality: what it is and how it is manifested.

    One asked a kabbalist to explain it and was told: Love your neighbor as yourself. For the rest, go study.

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    Proof to a scientist is a mathematical concept, not a scientific one. Mathematical equations can have a proof, but science is all about Scientific Theory that create models that explain the available evidence, is contradicted by none of the evidence and is falsifiable. 

    There is insufficient evidence to support the claim that God or gods exist. Since that claim is unsupported by the evidence it can be rejected. You do not require contradictory evidence to reject a concept for which their is insufficient evidence to support the claim. 

    Science makes no prouncements about the non-existance of god because to search for evidence to counter a claim unsupported by evidence is a ridiculous enterprise. Would you insist on a study to gather evidence against the existence of the boogeyman, or against the existence of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction?  Do you accept the concept that both the boogeyman and Shiva exists because no one has proven otherwise? Of course not, yet you create a special pleding for your God. 

    I have much more respect for those that admit they believe because of faith, and admit the generally faith is not a dependable methodology to find truth, but they believe anyway, than for those that try to manufacture evidence. 

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    Modern science can now prove that mankind has mistranslated some of the words being directly quoted spoken by the God of Abraham to a human named Moses due to our lack of scientific knowledge to properly interpret the advanced scientific knowledge and reasoning contained in these words. This lead to mankind's unscientific religious interpretations we still think they mean today. Modern science can now force mankind to reinterpret these words back into the scientific text they've always been spoken in. This new scientific translation of these words will supersede all previous unscientific religious translations of these words ever published or handed down orally. These words are unique and associated with One particular God and that is the God of Abraham.  Modern science can't say the same about any other words spoken by any other god or gods. This discovery will lead to proving the existence of the God of Abraham and that He is our Intelligent Designer and the missing link in the chain of evolution and is the single common ancestor of all life on earth. I know all this because I am the one who discovered it. 

    Source(s): The God Yahweh our Intelligent Designer and the missing link in the chain of evolution and is the single common ancestor of all life on earth.
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    "No one can demand a proof that God does exist"

    Yes they can.  When a group of cult people try to change laws, strip people of their rights, ETC ETC ETC - and do it while claiming GOD SAYS SO - then before they start placing there requirements on everyone in our society, anyone else has the duty to demand they prove this GOD is real before any changes are made.

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    GOD commands (((PROOF))) from true Christians (I Corinthians 12:11-13) when HE SAID

    ((("PROVE ALL THINGS"))) (I Thessalonians 5:21; KJV) 

    And gave us "POWER" (Acts 1:8) when (((HE))) "chose and ordained us" (John 15:16) to be true Christians when (((HE))) baptized us with the Holy Ghost (John 1:33) 

    Who is our (((PROOF!)))

    "Greater works than these shall ye do" (John 14:12) by His (((POWER))) 

    And we are able to say to unbelievers

    "If you don't believe me; believe the works" (John 10:37-38)!

    Unfortunately, these POWERLESS WET "BA$TARDS" (Hebrews 12:8) claiming Christianity have (((NO POWER))) due to the belief in a POWERLESS water faucet baptism (Matthew 28:19+) CREATED for them by the roman catholic church and have (((NO PROOF!))) 

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    1 month ago

    So far I have given 13 items of evidence (there are many more) for the existence of God in my questions.  I do not hide my questions or answers so you can still read them.  The ones which I gave certainly may vary in the strength of the evidence which it provides, but they all do provide logical evidence, and there was no serious rebuttal of any of them in the answers provided by atheists.  

    In my discussions with atheists I have seen only two logical items of evidence against the existence of God, that of the existence of evil and the existence of suffering.  And yes, I have seen many theists stumble trying to answer them, but to me they seem easy to answer once you start to view the physical reality from the point of view of the supernatural reality.  

    Why would God find it necessary to create a physical reality at all?  Certainly He could create us as He originally did as immortal spiritual beings in His image and likeness.  What does He gain by creating a physical realm?

    It seems clear to me that the answer is for us to learn something which He could NOT give us, and that is the ability to truly LOVE.  Love cannot be forced and remain love; but its very nature it MUST be freely given.  So He could not create us already "loving" as that would be a contradiction.  The question now becomes how do we learn to love?

    We learn to love through our complete free will to do any and all evil, even though that leads away from God and love, because it is ONLY if we have the freedom to do evil that we also have the freedom to choose to do the good that leads towards God and love.  This also explains why that in the physical realm we are denied direct knowledge of God's existence as such knowledge would interfere with the freedom of our choice.  As an example suppose that you had decided to rob a store, but when you got there you found 3 policemen there drinking coffee.  Would you continue to try to rob the store?  Obviously you wouldn't but you neither have you done "good" by not doing so as your intentions were evil.

    We also learn to love through our own experiences of pain, suffering, toil and death (the so-called "punishments" given to Adam and Eve for their disobedience).  Our experiences of these in ourselves or a member of our own social circle teach us compassion and sympathy for others who are experiencing the same thing.  At first these are directed towards our own social circle but eventually we learn to truly care about even those who are outside of it.  Caring about others is what leads us to true selfless love of all.

    However, as is often brought up by atheists, what about the poor suffering children (strange that they always refer to children)?  What about those who are actually experiencing the suffering?  Doesn't this show a God who does not care about us?

    The answer is "No, it does not show that at all."  That is thinking that is focused on the physical reality as being what is the primary importance.  If it is our job here to learn to love then two things become clear:  1) it is OUR job to care for those in need and not do anything that contributes to anyone's suffering and 2) what happens here is NOT our true reality but rather a teaching tool.  In our true spiritual reality NO ONE has ever truly suffered and no one has ever died.

    It is all connected.

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    1 month ago

    it's about faith. with billions of people, that is unshakable!

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