How does a force from one cable transfer to four other cables?

The problem is that there is a frame being dragged by a single cable with a force of 22000N. The cable gets split up into four other cables and they get connected to the frame. The system is moving at a constant speed of 2 m/s (reached equilibrium). How can I calculate the forces in the four cables? 

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  • NCS
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    3 months ago

    I'll assume that the red line is the line of action of the applied force. Then for vertical equilibrium,

    2*F₁*sin19.4º*cos30º = 2*F₂*sin2.5º*cos32.2º

    For horizontal equilibrium,

    2*F₁*cos19.4º*cos30º + 2*F₂*cos2.5º*cos32.2º = 22000 N

    Two equations, two unknowns.

    I get

    F₁ = 1484 N

    F₂ = 11578 N

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