Should I give up on my goals because I think I am not good enough?

Hello everybody. I want to speak many languages like native speakers and become a conference interpreter and a woman (I am a transsexual girl). Since I am not self-confident, I think that I am not good enough to fulfill these dreams. I have already tried to commit suicide and I self-harm because I am afraid that my dreams will be crushed. The reason why these dreams or goals are so important to me is that I don't have anything else. My whole family hates me for being trans. Also, I think that my age (18 in September) and my mother tongue (Hungarian) might prevent me from speaking many languages like native speakers and from becoming a conference interpreter. I know that this sounds weird because neuroplasticity enables us to perfect skills regardless of how old we are. And there are conference interpreters whose mother tongue is Hungarian but I still think that my mother tongue and my age might make me disadvantaged. Despite having very good grades in languages, I think that I am too dumb. I speak English and German and native speakers said that they would have thought I was a native speaker if it hadn't been for my accent. But I am still afraid that my dreams will be crushed.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You should be realistic about your chances of reaching your goals. 

    What's that got to do with Languages?

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