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How is 95 degree heat are people wearing a mask in pubic, Me mine's off I can't breath warm air how are others doing it ?

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    I just came off of an eight hour shift in a factory that is 100 degrees plus and we have to wear them from our vehicles, into the plant and all the way to our vehicles at the end of shift.

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    It's very simple.

    First, you have to make sure the mask is clean so air can go through it. Second, control your breathing and control your physical activities according to your breathing. 

    I've worn respirators everyday at work for the past 16 years. Now, it's like nothing to me. I can sleep in a respirator if I want to.

    Im not talking about these lightweight fabric N95s either. I wear either a North 7700 Half Mask or Full Face. The Full Face takes a while to get uses to. If you get heated up or are suffering from oxygen deprivation it can get claustrophobic very quickly.

    You need to be familiar with your equipment, know its/your limitations and warning signs. 

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