Musical rights ?

So their are a few bands and musician demanding  Trump stop playing their music. So is music an open source meaning radio stations pay to play artists song DJ's buy the music to play at parties and events. Is their a law that said you can't play music in the open. can the Sis and desist order prevent someone from playing another artist music. Or is musical rights open for debate 

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  • 1 month ago

    Music is not "open source". However the sorts of venues that Trump uses have licenses with people like the BMI and Ascap, meaning that they can play any music that is registered with those organisations as long as they pay a fee. Artists can, in theory, argue that a politician may be giving them a 'false endorsement' by playing their song several times (for instance Trump loves 'you can't always get what you want' and the Rolling Stones hate him for it) - but just like many other things Trump seems to be able to get away with whatever he likes.

    Perhaps artists could file a class action against Trump, but such a case would probably be very, very long and cost a lot of money.

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