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What's the name of this? What's wrong with me?

I live in Venezuela, there is a crisis here, and the worst is a lot of aggressive people, most people are like that regardless of age or sex, I consider that some people have the right to be aggressive, like soldier police or abusive people people who think like me, but to normal people especially women I do not tolerate the aggressive character even a little, I despise people like that to me they are like shitt, I don't care about their rights or emotions or feelings or personality nothing, I have the right to teach all these people and treat them very badly and cause them pain, I don't want to be tolerant, I don't care about tolerance or acceptance, anyone who is not like me I despise him, I like power and control over people. I would like to force them to act as I like, my neighbor is a 33 year old woman, she gets angry and screams easily for everything, she always frowns like angry, she yells, scolds, and speaks badly to her children getting angry with them and says ugly rude things and things that a woman has no right to say, He has a very annoying behavior for me, he can be calm and out of nowhere yell at his little son for crying, and her husband is a ***** who does not deserve to be called a man for allowing himself to be controlled by that woman, I want to hit that woman hit her all over the body punch her and kick her and smash her to the ground to teach her how to behave I want to treat her very badly, squeeze her neck until she loses consciousness.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There is something very wrong with you.

    I recommend getting help.

  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    A very sick, powerless puppy, you are.  I'm sorry that your mom abused you.   That wasn't right.

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