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If a man’s single mother consistently had no-good boyfriends, is it understandable if he’s unpleasant to every guy she introduces her son to?

Let’s say a woman got pregnant, and the dad went AWOL.  So she not only raised her son by herself, but ended up having absolutely no companionship until he was 17.  Five months before he graduated, she met a man on the internet who proposed to her within one month of their first encounter, moved in with she and her son, and constantly talked down to her son in a militant manner, as if her son was a sorry excuse for a human being who had to shape up or suffer the consequences. Basically, this man was just “acting” like a father (I mean, who the hell sets ground rules for an almost grown man whose mother he just met and asked to marry him)? On top of that, the man told his “fiancée’s” son that his last name will legally be changed to his, as well as on his high school diploma. Fortunately, just a week before graduation, she did some investigating and found out that he was a con artist trying to swindle her. And since she met him when her son was almost through with high school, her son can’t help but to have horrific flashbacks whenever he watches his prom or graduation on video.

7 years later, she met a man the old fashioned way — in person instead of the internet. But he’s a genuine man who really does love her. But her son doesn’t like him, because he has no job, lives off of her, lacks class and dignity, and is an alcoholic.  He sadly died of liver cancer.  

8 years later, she meets another man, but her son is not very nice to him, either. Is that understandable?

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    i think thats understandable

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    If the son has "horrific flashbacks" over video of his prom/graduation, he has issues more serious than a mean almost stepfather.  I'd wonder why MY mother didn't protect me from this man.  She would be my problem.  Let's see.  So far Mom has had a child with a loser, been engaged to a loser, loved an alcoholic and has now met someone else.  In between she raised a "man" who has flashbacks.

    I think Mom and son need therapy.  My mother was toxic.  I haven't had communication with her in 6 years.


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